This week has been enrichment week at Gayhurst. Staff planned activities based on their subject specialist areas.  The focus within the RS department for the Junior School was places of worship or pilgrimage sites and in the Senior School it was learning about aspects of the Jewish faith.

In Year 3, the children learnt about the special Friday night dinner called Shabbat and they made the celebratory Challah bread.

In Year 4, the children reviewed their festival topic and built Sukkahs which are buildings that Jewish families build to celebrate the festival of Sukkot.

In Year 5, the focus was on the Hebrew language and Sheila Veniar, a volunteer at Maidenhead synagogue came in to share her knowledge with the children. The children also learnt to say a few key phrases and attempted to write their names! The session ended with them making Mezuzahs.

Year 6 had been studying the Kindertransport and had a session on Thursday based on this topic with Eliana from the Jewish Museum of London. The children learnt about memorials and listened to the testimonies of survivors.