Stand up, speak out

This week (13th to the 17th November) is anti-bullying week.

Mrs Ruth Lingley, Head of PHSCE ran an assembly for Year 5 and 6 to create a forum where the children could come together and talk about what makes people what to bully and what can be done if you are victim of bullying of indeed a witness to bullying taking place.

The children thought about what bullying actually is.  Why people start to bully others and how the victim might feel.

The girls and boys suggested different types of bullying such as cyber-bullying, physical bullying and indirect bullying.

Towards the end of the presentation they thought about what they could do if they saw bullying happening and in conclusion realised that the one thing you mustn’t do is…


Some representatives of Year 5 and 6 read out some thought provoking poems and Mrs Lingley reminded the girls and boys that having tolerance and empathy are British values and we all have a responsibility to speak out and not let bullying happen around us.

As the children left they hall they collected their ‘Stand Up, Speak Out’ wrist bands to remind them of the roll they can play in stamping out bullying.

Here are some links to useful information:

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