Local Discoveries

All three classes in Year 1 went on a walk today in the beautiful, and long overdue, sunshine.

They had been learning about letter writing in their literacy lessons.  In Geography they are discovering all about the local living environment.  About houses, lampposts and walls and what materials are used in their construction.

The Year 1 girls and boys started their walk by visiting the nearest post box.  They had all written a letter to somebody else in the class and they posted their letters one and a time.

The children then used a tick sheet to mark off all of the things they spotted on their walk.  They found houses that were semi-detached, terraced and detached.  They spotted lampposts and street signs and pot holes!!  They saw concrete and brick and tar mac.

Once back in the classroom they discussed what they had seen and realised just how much they had learned about things they saw every day.