School Council 2019/2020

The democratic election for our 2019-2020 school council has taken place and we are delighted to see eager and enthusiastic pupils raring to go and make suggestions for changes or resources that they would like to see at school.  At Gayhurst,  we are proud that our children have a voice and Mr Davies is willing to consider all requests (although these cannot always be granted!)
Our first meeting is on 7th October, so we will soon be discussing with our forms ideas to put onto the school council agenda.  We all take our roles very seriously and hope we can discuss things in a slightly more dignified way than how we see some MP’s behaving in Parliament!

After voting closed, the names of our elected School Councillors were announced and they all dutifully posed for their official photographs.

Headed up by our Head Girl and Boy, Georgina and Harry we have:

6E – Joseph, Matthew and Angelica
6B – Suki and Dara
6C – Frankie and Chenna
5L – Jaskarn
5H – Monty
5R – Alisha
4K – Luke
4G – William
3P – Alex
3S – James
3V – Raffi